STEAM Reflections

During this final STEAM program, we spent time reflecting on the programs we'd already done and projects we'd already made. From the entire year of fun and frustration, we each chose one story we wanted to tell to represent our experience and we worked to tell it compellingly, crafting a story that would hook parents and peers, curating still and moving images to help us illustrate our tale.

Check out our final portfolios and stories here:

Final Projects

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to see the slideshows and other materials we used during this program.

Session 1

Remembering our work

STEAM @ Healey is brand new this year.

You were the first people to experience it,
and we're going to tell people how it went
by sharing your stories in your own words.

The Event

The Stories

not your typical presentations

Today, let's try to remember what we've done this year.

(Reflection worksheet here.)

What makes a good reflection/story?

What was a project you loved
from this year?

What story might you tell
to share your STEAM experience?

Session 2

Choosing your story

How I became a teacher.

What were some of the memories you dug up during yesterday's conversations?

Today is going to be like a project brainstorming day,

but instead of projects we will brainstorm stories for the STEAM event.

What makes these stories good?

The Tooth Fairy

Choose your story by the end of the day!

If you get stuck:

  • Look at your list and worksheet from Monday.
  • Talk with one of us or one of your old teammates.

Choose 2 or 3 stoires that you'd want to tell.

  • Write them down and hand them in.

Session 3

Writing your story & Practicing

Throwing your story on the page

How this is like the "Adaptations Program" — someone tell me their story!

Go to this link and create a google doc. The title should be your name.

How to get started?

  1. Set the scene: What do we need to know in order to understand your project and your story?
  2. Describe the conflict: What actually happened? What's the plot? Was there a challenge? Something overcome? What makes the story interesting?
  3. Explan what happened: How did things turn out? Where did you leave off? What next?

Session 4

Practicing your story

Today's Schedule

  • Write your story on index card (~10m)
  • Break into groups.
  • Tell story 2-3X. Get and give feedback
  • Whole group share out.

Bulletting out a Story

Choose a story from STEAM or D.C. and we'll bullet it out!

By the end of today, everyone should tell a good first draft version of your story.

Small group practice

  • Share your story.
  • When you're done, each person in group shares:
    1. A thing you did well
    2. Two concrete things you could do better.
  • Next person shares.
  • When the group has finished one round, incorporate changes onto index cards and do it again!

For feedback, think about:

  • When in the story were you confused?
  • When in the story were you bored?
  • If you were a parent, what would need to be described/explained more?


start with Alec

Gianna — Kadie — Sofian — Patrick — Lucy

start with Shaunalynn

Theo — Crystal — Deha — Christopher

start practicing amongst selves

Jaylese — Terrence — Kevin — Jasmeen

start with Alec

Edgar — Megan — Erica — Amine — Anna

start with Shaunalynn

Nilson — Gaby — Joseph — Nick

start practicing amongst selves

Britney — Kelly — Jake — Jen — Zach

start with Alec

Ezra — Leslie — Stephanya — Andrew

start with Shaunalynn

Myles — Lexi — Idalia — Evan — Jamir

start practicing with selves

Boris — Wilpam — amongst — Carina —

Session 5

Practicing your stories

If you made a google slideshow for one of your projects:

Email the link to! (Also, make sure you shared it.)

For feedback, think about:

  • When in the story were you confused?
  • When in the story were you bored?
  • If you were a parent, what would need to be described/explained more?

Session 6

Illustrating your story

Now that we know our stories inside and out,
we're going to find and create pictures
to illustrate our stories.

Making Illustrations (Not powerpoints)

Your pictures should help explain your story;
your story shouldn't explain your pictures.

Rules of presentations

  • No text.
  • No more than 3 images (if you need more let us know).
  • Make your images full screen, covering the entire slide.

Pictures to use

  • From programs
  • From internet
  • You can make diagrams, screenshots etc.

The first time I (kind of) wrote a song

by Shaunalynn

The pictures I chose

Other pictures I considered

Making your presentations

Getting links for youtube videos

Taking a screenshot

Taking a gif

Downloading a picture from online

Create your google presetation at

The title should be your name.

Session 7

Finishing Illustrations & Recording your story

Finishing your presentations

Recording your stories

Save recordings at

Tell a story about a time you got in a ton of trouble?

STEAM celebrity

Session 8

A Fair!

Missing Media:

  • Owen L. Overwatch Scratch Song
  • Lorena Presentation
  • Sabiha Presentation
  • Gabriel D. Presentation
  • Elida Presentation
  • Renato Running Slideshow

email link to


  • Half the class presents.
  • After person tells story, ask questions.
  • Give feedback on index card
  • No more than 2 people at 1 presentation.

Re-record or Record Audio of Story