STEAM @ Healey Final Reports & Materials

The materials created for each program include:

  1. Slides: the slide decks we used during the program
  2. Daily Plan: a description of the activities we did each day of the program including links to any resources we shared with students for activities, brainstorming, etc.
  3. Program in Review: a report written up incorporating reflections staff, students, and us
  4. Student Survey Results: the quantified results of post-program surveys administered to students including average ratings and short answer responses
  5. Student Project Letters: the letters we wrote to, and sometimes from students, during the more self-directed weeks of the programs, offering suggested resources and next steps
  6. Final Projects: a link to wherever the documentation of final projects lives
  7. Drive Folder: the folder where we collected—and organized—most of the miscellaneous media generated during a programs