Interactive Storytelling & Creative Coding

Stories with Captions

A creepy little girl with wings...

This is what it looks like when angels cry...

I can fly!

Slow and steady, my butt!

Two peas in a pod.

"You stink!" "No, that's you!"


First, this juice. Next, the world!

And God shone down upon it.

There is no escape!


Making storyboards
for 1-3 Panel Stories

  1. Sketch with pen on real paper (squares with images in them and effects you want to add)!
  2. Sketch in Paper like my storyboard
  3. Use your photos:
    Ipad > import into Paper App > Add writing/drawing


Studio Time

Start making your own animated comics

  1. You can find all the pictures we shared yesterday at
  2. You can find comic templates at
  3. Some effects you might want to use are:

blurmovefade to dark — shrink — grow — spin
change colordisappear — add a shadow
make black & white — warp — change background

Before Tomorrow