Interactive Storytelling & Creative Coding

What is a story?

For me, it's a complete idea
that leads to another "world"
(time, place, or feeling).

My stories = photos of ordinary things + words that give them new meaning

What do you see in these photos?

Share your ideas and then I'll share what I see.

Examples of stories I make
while walking outside that I share with friends via texts.

swimming together ;)

"What?! Miriam, speak up!"

Stegosaurus in Central Square.

Vine in the winter.

Footprints of Boston's rare geckos.

The military helicopters are no match
for this beanstock

The aldermen gather...

Minority vote.

Swing vote.

Adding words or effects can make new meanings / stories.

I used words, images, and effects to create a "story"
for each of you.

Guess Who

Why do you think it was made for this person?

How do the stories change
based on how we change the words? Effects?

Magic Scarf

A Surreal Scavenger Hunt

a surreal scavenger hunt*

  1. Take a team portrait that doesn’t include anyone’s face.
  2. Have each member of your team take a picture to represent them on the course website and text that photo + with their name to Shaunalynn at 617.955.9436.
  3. Take a picture that looks like it was taken at nighttime.
  4. Take a picture of an alien planet.
  5. Take a picture of an imaginary creature.
  6. Take a picture that will inspire fear in its viewers.
  7. Take a picture that tells a story.
  8. Take three pictures that tell a story, when you look at them together/in order.
  9. Take a picture that will make us laugh.
  10. Take a picture of a superhero.
  11. Take a picture that sounds like music.
  12. Take a picture of a deep, dark cave.
  13. Take a picture of a hand, trying to communicate something.

*send any photos you might want to use later to (617) 297-2882

Storyboarding & Captions

Planning and Your Stories

Inspired by Movies.

Every part of a scene is a decision...

How are those decisions communicated?


What do you notice about the storyboards?

What do they include? Why?

If you were making animations, what would you include?

How I use storyboards for my projects.

Making storyboards for 1-3 Panel Stories

  1. Sketch with pen on real paper (squares with images in them and effects you want to add)!
  2. Sketch in Paper like my storyboard
  3. Use your photos:
    Ipad > import into Paper App > Add writing/drawing

Before Tomorrow