SSA <> Healey

Fall 2016

Goals for today

  1. …the program options which most appeal to you (or what other direction you'd like to go in if none do)
  2. …a sense of what appeals to you about them
  3. …any scheduling preferences for those programs (re: when in the year they must fall and when it would be nice for them to fall)
  4. …a list of the people/programs which might want to coordinate (i.e. have one program lead into another)
  5. …a list of times we can follow up with you 1:1 and/or in groups


  1. 40 minutes —  Reviewing program pitches
  2. 15 minutes —  Clarification, Q&A, and ranking programs
  3. 40 minutes —  Brainstorming in pairs
  4. 20 minutes —  Discuss overall schedule for next year

Program Pitches

Rank your choices: 0 means you absolutely wouldn't do it, 3 means you would love to—

Pair up to…

  1. List your favorite program(s).
  2. Share what appeals to you about the program(s).
  3. List specific projects or themes would you like to tackle.
  4. List some times you could meet 1:1 or in small groups with your name in the "Most Interested Staff" section


  1. Thoughts on 3- or 6-week sessions?
  2. What type of time might you make available for reading/working through materials the rest of this year and over the summer?
  3. When is our next group meeting and what would you all like to cover? We'll be in touch with you individually to find times 1:1.